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One thing is clear: it's often lonely at the top. 

Not only at the top but in general many of my athletes feel alone.

Constantly accompanied by doubts, under immense pressure to perform and always pushing the limits.

Between winning and losing lies a small but crucial gap. 

It has nothing to do with hard training, technique, or willpower.


As your coach, I provide you the ideal framework to train regularly, enhance your (positive) mindset, willpower, self-confidence, and your belief in yourself. Together, we unlock your full potential.

An athlete about him:
«Sandro Stäheli – the coach with a keen sense for the (mental) challenges of world-class athletes.»

Sandro Stäheli

Training, planning & reflection

Are you ready to achieve your goal?

To give your all to reach your full potential?

I will support you in expanding your mental strength and together we’ll address, among others, the following questions:

  • What is my dream?

  • How do I reach my maximum performance potential?

  • Am I training hard enough, with maximum quality and getting enough rest?

  • Am I good enough or how can I become even better?

  • How do I succeed in winning?

  • How do I increase my self-confidence?

  • How can I get into the stage of flow more often?

  • How do I prioritize the joy of sports more?

  • How do I deal with the constant pressure to succeed and still perform?

  • How can I be happy despite this immense pressure to succeed?

  • How do I value my performance even when my results are not as good?

  • How can my branding align with my income expectations?

  • How am I perceived in public?

  • What happens after my career?

Are you ready to achieve your goals?

Then seize the opportunity and get in contact with me. I look forward to an exchange over phone or an initial personal meeting.

When everything is falling into place during a football game or when we find ourselves at the front of a cycling race, suddenly summoning strengths that were previously unavailable. ​

«We've come to understand that winning isn't just about physicality, but primarily about mindset – yet even more so, it's about heartset!»

Only when our minds are aligned, and we enter the flow state can we achieve things that were unimaginable before.

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