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Coach, Leader, and Athlete

Sandro Stäheli

"Would I have been able to pursue a career in elite sports?»

The question that will personally stay with me for the rest of my life. 

"First work, then pleasure." I grew up in an environment that fueled my ambition. Performance mattered, and to this day, I find performance admirable. I admire people who bring out their best in sports, business, or life.


My love for sports manifests in climbing, diving, ski mountaineering competitions, cycling, and running. However, I never fully pursued the path towards an elite sports career myself. Why? I was only able to find the answer after some time.


Initially, I pursued a career in banking, where I not only gained financial knowledge but also learned about leading and coaching others in leadership positions. Here, I discovered my passion for helping others and supporting them on their journey.


However, the enthusiasm for competitive sports remained. On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, on my way to the annual meeting of my bank, it became clear to me: This career cannot be everything. I also have to pursue my second passion. Inspired by my own coach, Nicole Brandes, I realized how essential it is to follow one's passion.

Why am I a sports mental coach?

Because it's my passion! 

I have combined my passion for sports and coaching to guide athletes and Olympians on their way to the top. As an author, I expand this circle and help people become "champions of their lives." Developing into powerful and fulfilled individuals who pursue their own passion.


I have realized that mental strength is the key to athletic success, but above all, it is also crucial for a fulfilling life and a balanced existence in family, business, and society.


Like the elite athletes I coach, I strive to give my best in my field and constantly improve. Because performance is admirable.


Sandro Stäheli

Coach, Leader und Sportler

Rahel Krieger

Marketing, Administration

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